Centaur Films - Forced Service

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Director: Chip Daniels
Studio: Centaur Films
Cast: Chris Rock, Billy Dare, K.C. Hart, Shawn London, Ethan-Michael Ayers, Matthew Easton, Anthony Gallo, Sweet Williams, Bobby Golden

FORCED SERVICE is a story of young Marine recruits and sexual harassment involving men on men, as contemporary as todays headlines. They tell their stories of how life in the Marines really is. Sexy, alluring K.C. Hart is a private recruit who has instigated all of this trouble. Private Hart has accused his hot, hardcore commander, Sergeant Chris Rock of sexual harassment. M.P. Shawn London has been brought in by the Marines to get to the bottom of this. He undertakes his investigation with Private Hart in the interrogation room.

Private Hart commences his story, as we flash between his account of the story and the actual events as they happen. Private Hart memorializes his story with an incident that occurred in the barracks: Sergeant Rock had ordered the company to attention as Private Hart is finishing his shower. Private Hart is standing there with only a towel on, then OOPS the towel fell off and left the sexy blond bombshell at attention in all his manhood. Once the Sergeant sees this he threatens the company with special duty if he catches anyone playing grab ass. The Sergeant leaves as the rest of the company razzes Private Hart.

Privates Bobby Golden and Sweet William head off to the showers. The teasing continues in the shower between these two hot and horny recruits, until Private Golden reveals his long throbbing piece of man meat. Private William drops to his knees and decides to have a taste. These two privates engage in some hot sucking and fucking, including a little auto-fellatio thrown in, until both of them explode with the whole force of the Marines behind them.

We then return to the Interrogation Room where manly forceful MP. London is now interrogating another recruit, Private Matthew Easton. During the investigation, M.P. London discovers the alluring Private Easton is really into men. As any good investigator would do, he tests Private Easton. The action is forceful and intriguing as we find out for the first time that M.P. London is fully equipped. Private Easton becomes extremely excited and takes all of the M.P.s Marine stick, and more. During this extensive interrogation, M.P. London finds out have been breaking the rules.

We flash back to the gym, where Privates Hart, Ethan-Michael Ayers, and Billy Dare are being ordered to do sit ups by Drill Sergeant Anthony Gallo. In walks Sergeant Rock, ordering Privates Hart and Ayers back to the barracks, leaving Private Dare alone with Drill Sergeant Gallo. Hunky, manly Drill Sergeant Gallo threatens tender, naive Private Dare with some real intensive training. Private Dare, ordered to his knees, seems a little hesitant, until Drill Sergeant Gallo lets loose his 11 inch pants snake. Small and adorable Private Dare gobbles up Gallos huge, uncut cock. Watch as Gallo humps and pumps Private Dare, until you think that petite Private Dare just might rip in half. The two bring back images of David and Goliath, ending in two intense orgasms and a pleasantly satisfied Private Dare.

Now back to the barracks. Sergeant Rock is yelling at Private Hart. It turns out that Privates Hart and Ayers were in charge of cleaning the barracks and the mean, coldhearted Sergeant Rock is not satisfied with the job. As Sergeant Rock orders the Privates to strip to their skivvies, drop to the floor and scoot. He orders them to scoot right up to his crotch, then the real action begins. Sergeant Rock turns out to have a really hungry mouth and hole. Privates Hart and Ayers are only too willing to work the Sergeant over. Both of the Privates take turns sucking and fucking Sergeant Rock and taking orders as they go. The action is intense and fast paced. These three studs are prime examples of The Few, The Proud, The Marines. They will make you want to enlist as one after the other explodes onto the screen.

We then flash back to the Interrogation Room where M.P. London is now very confused. Private Hart just admitted to not just being part of the three-way, but that he thoroughly enjoyed it. As M.P. London continues badgering Private Hart, he is not convinced that Private Hart was ever sexually harassed. You must watch to see this surprise ending, as all of the accusations and charges finally make sense, when Private Hart reveals his true passions in FORCED SERVICE.

Duration : 01:24:10
Resolution : 640x480
Video : VC-1 (WMV3), 1 961 Kbps, 29.970 fps

File size: 1.2 GB

Porn under: Gay Full-length films
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