Double Agent

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Description: In Hungarian director Csaba Borbely's 'Double Agent,' Gianni Nascimento is in trouble. In what looks to be a relic Communist prison, he's being charged with a crime by studly officer Fabrizio Mangiatti, who wants him to sign a statement of guilt. Fabrizio's twin brother Fernando calls to him, giving Gianni the opportunity to steal the gun Fabrizio left on the table. He tries to escape, but the gun is not loaded and the twins corner him, giving him the ultimate punishment of. . . having sex with both of them!
Most would consider that a fantasy come true, I believe. The twins are gorgeous tall men with hard bodies and matching thick cocks. I can't tell the difference between them (there are some tattoos that could help), and I don't think Gianni cares either. The dark-featured hottie just goes chomping down on their cocks, using his mouth and hands to keep them moaning happily. After his horny rendering, the brothers unleash Gianni's dick and suck. Gianni has a moderate cock, just enough to slip comfortably down a throat. The brothers go back and forth (never together, if you're wondering) and then they get to fuck Gianni. Everyone is now finally naked, and the brother doing the fucking squeezes his cock inside Gianni beautifully, pushing at him while the other brother sucks the bottom. The twins switch places so Gianni can be done doggy, with similarly good results. Hmm, I wonder if Gianni can now tell the difference between them. Fucking over, the trio returns to some sucking to get each other to cum. Ah, by the way, I should mention Gianni's crime: impersonating an officer. Apparently, he wanted to find out what it was like to fuck around with the real thing.
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It seems that in this precinct, the only hard line is a vein running down a cock. Officer Mario McCabe, a cute serious-looking brunet, has a friend who has a ticket he wants erased, so he goes to his superior, the ever-welcome Kevin Cage. Kevin tells him he can pay off the fine, so Mario gets down on his knees. Kevin is shocked, but when Mario tells him that his friend blew him to get out of it, he might as well pass it on to Kevin. The latter doesn't argue and the craggy handsome stud submits to Mario's mouth. The blowjob he gets isn't all that special, but Mario works at him also by pulling at his nipples, and all of it keeps Kevin very hard. Mario himself has a gorgeous two-toned cock that Kevin sucks a bit as well. The scene gets much hotter when they disrobe to very muscular bodies. Kevin then eats Mario's ass with a nice wet tongue before fucking him. They start with Mario riding and Kevin thrusting up at him. From there, they roll, still inserted, into a sideways position, their matching brown boots clumping together. A second blowjob from Mario gets hairy Kevin to shoot his load. I assume that means the ticket is forgotten.
As the officers gather together for an orientation, a call comes in that there is a bomb in the office! 30 minutes and it will go off. They fan out to find the bomb, with time ticking. None look at all frightened, wearing their sullen faces as befits the characters. Jiri Honza, a handsome lighter guy with chiseled cheeks, isn't too excited to even look for the bomb with partner Jarda Tiborko, a darker man with bushy eyebrows and blond-tinted hair, because he claims that even if they find the bomb, it's not like they can defuse it. I'm glad this isn't my local police force. What they do find, however, is a secret stash of dildos. "See, unlike the bomb, we can do something with this," it's noted. "At least we'd die happy," Jiri says. Can't really argue with that, huh? So, out come their natural dicks (to the accompaniment of the soundtrack's fun martial march music). They kiss and rub together with neat intensity and Jiri blows. Again, they are fully clothed, so the movements in boots, uniforms and hats make it a bit clunky. Jarda sucks as well, doing better with Jiri face-fucking him very quickly. Now naked, Jiri works the dildo into Jarda's ass, slipping it in just to the head to open up his pal. They reverse roles so inked Jarda can ram the piece up Jiri's pretty ass. It fits much better in this fuzzy butt. Fellow officer Julien Veneziano comes to tell them the search is off because the bomb scare was a false alarm, but he skips that part and goes right to the undressing. The two blond studs double team his cock, finally working their mouths and sharing with lovely selflessness. Julien returns them to anal duty by fucking Jiri with his hefty thick cock. This fits best of all and he's able to ram most of it into Jiri's tight ass. He doesn't forget Jarda, who is on the receiving end of a doggy-fuck from Julien that matches his beaut of a cock with Jarda's luscious muscular ass. Lastly, Julien stands between the guys, sucking them off so that everyone can get off a good cum blast.
Big cheese Glenn Santoro has determined that it's another precinct fucking with them, and pinpoints Austin Rogers as the actual culprit. He's not angry. In fact, he decides that since Austin and his precinct know how to have fun (a bomb scare is fun?), He can show Austin how "welcoming" his precinct can be. So, the cleft-chin commander shoves his cock down Austin's throat. Austin needs no further invite to start sucking the smooth piece. Glenn then really shows his friendliness by blowing Austin, really gobbling up his cock and licking around his balls. You can't get more hospitable than letting a guest fuck you, so Glenn sits down on Austin and lets the funnyman thrust up into him. The camera has a great angle here, right at the action so that Glenn's raging hardon can be shown jiggling as he gets plowed from below. Austin, sporting a sexy tan line at his asscheeks, fucks Glenn sitting up against a mirror, so both can see their handsome selves having so much fun. It's not the most penetrating fuck, but man do they look hot working together, their hairy chests and rugged bodies meshing so well. There's one more ride before Austin has a huge power shot.

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