Men of Odyssey - Tulsa County Line

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Director: Joe Cage
Studio: Men of Odyssey
Cast: Jason Branch, Jake Armstrong, Christian Owen, Deacon Frost, Rocky, Nino Bacci, Logan Reed, Sergio Real, Matt Sizemore, Clint Cooper, Mark Reed, Jeremy Tucker, Chad Donovan, Jeremy Jordan, Derrick Mills, Ethan Richards, Alex Carrington, Casey Williams, Jack Ryan, Chad Johnson

Back in the 70s, Joe Gage was responsible for such groundbreaking gay porn as 'El Paso Wrecking Corp.' and 'Kansas City Trucking Co.' Now, more than two decades later, he has made a much-anticipated comeback with 'Tulsa County Line.' The DVD features more than a dozen names -- some veterans, others fresh faces -- but all have been personally picked by the director to exemplify his typical masculine model look. 'Tulsa County Line' follows the exploits of two Oklahoma park service deputies -- Jason Branch and Jake Armstrong. Jason is the more experienced of the two, while Jake is newer, more naive. Over the course of one day, they run into an assortment of virile men. Traveling country roads, they find sex all around them.

Early in the morning, in a country bathroom, Alex Carrington walks in and finds Jason taking a leak. When he is done, Jason turns toward him, his erection almost grinning. Branch leaves, but places an indelible image in Alex's mind. Alex retreats to a stall where he can whack off about what he has seen. In the meantime, horsehung Chad Donovan comes in, and pulls out his joint to himself. Alex sees this and walks out, and the men share a communal beating off. (Neither have been very visible in porn lately and it's nice to see them and their party equipment again.) Donovan, in particular, has an obscenely big tool that spews majestically here.

Nearing lunch time, Logan Reed's deliveryman brings a package to Matt Sizemore and Nino Bacci. The package is a video camera, and back inside, Matt convinces Logan to act as a model. Hesitantly, Logan strips naked, before Nino places a jockstrap on him, then cradles his meat into his mouth. The two then start jacking together, before Matt puts down the recorder and begins to yank his own salami. Logan gives Nino a very short fuck on the sofa, highlighted by Nino's vocal moans while bottoming, before Nino and Matt drop loads on a prone Logan. Reed himself shoots on his hairy chest.

Another Reed, Mark Reed, appears in the next sequence, arguably the hottest in the video. Reed visits doctor Clint Cooper for a physical. (Cooper is fond of uniforms, and looks fine here in his doctor's gear.) After telling Mark he is in great shape, Clint asks Mark to bend over for a prostate exam, promising that it won't hurt a bit. After Clint's finger has probed his hole, Mark turns around and is hard. Clint claims he isn't embarrassed and to prove it gets on his knees and licks the boner. It's somewhat cautiously done, though, with Clint licking the head. By contrast, Mark inhales Cooper's dick, taking him down his mouth. Clint's happy cock practically drips pre-cum into Mark's mouth. On the table, Mark props his butt up and lets Clint plow into it. It's erotic as hell, especially when they change and Mark sits in Clint's thrusting lap. Clint is a pole-driver top, and the muscular Reed knocks how to treat a dick in his rear.

Over the Internet, red-haired Christian Owen, sporting a tattoo and a muscular lean body, 'meets' Deacon Frost. Frost's cousin Rocky is asleep in the other room, so Owen and Frost whip out their dicks and tease each others via webcam. Both men get boners, but cousin Rocky unexpectedly wakes up and walks in on the action. Owen watches, and wanks, as Rocky and Deacon suck each other and masturbate. Owen eventually proves not to be alone - a hand reaches out and pulls his cock to orgasm as well.

While the earlier scenes dealt with Gage's manlier men, the next showcases some younger performers. Jeremy Jordan, Ethan Richards and Derrick Mills have found some porno mags upstairs and are in the living room stroking when someone knocks on the door. It's cop Chad Johnson, looking for his son. He peeks in and sees what the guys are up to and invites himself in. Director Gage utilizes Johnson better perhaps than anyone since Chad's return. Chad encourages the lads to keep on with what they've started, then unzips and brings his own cock out. He bends Derrick and Ethan over and eats their asses, before savoring their exuberant young dicks. Turning his attention to Jordan, Chad sits on a chair and lets Jeremy ease down on it. The fuck is a brisk and worthwhile one, but just as sexy is watching Jeremy patiently mount the dick. After taking Jeremy's hole, Chad lies on the floor while the others cum on him.

Partners Jason and Jake stop in a barn as the sun sets, and the rookie gets a lesson from the old-hand. This is Gage's quickest and least effective loop, with some quick jacking and slurping before both men reach messy loads.

When darkness falls, Jason and Jack arrive at a house full of randy men. It's Alex Carrington's house and Casey Williams, Jeremy Tucker, Sergio Real, Jack Ryan and Casey Williams, among others, are there. The action is mostly jack-off until Jason, then Jack, get naked and go down orally on some of the cocks. Jack Ryan, sans his recent facial hair, offers his ass to Jason, who takes it roughly. After many oral configurations, the guys all reach climax.

'Tulsa County Line' focuses more on eroticism than pure bang-bang action, and the video is better for it. His camera constantly swirling around, picking up the action, Gage proves to be a master director who hasn't lost his touch.

Duration : 00:33:47
Resolution : 352x288 @ 376x288
Video : MPEG Video (MPEG-1 Video), 5 042 Kbps, 25.000 fps

File size: 1.3 GB

Porn under: Gay Full-length films
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