Noah (11th November 2009)

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Produced in: 11th November 2009
Duration: 17 min 19 sec
Name: Tied up in his sleep, then stripped naked and systematically abused, his bound girlfriend made to watch. Cock mauled, nipples twisted hard, and arse double fingerfucked long, hard and deep.

We silently creep into the bedroom, edging over to the bed where the 19 year old and his girlfriend lie fast asleep, their breathing slow and steady. We need to move the girl to get at Noah, so we give her a dose of chloroform and put her on the floor, where Reuben securely ties her up.

With his girlfriend out of the way, I climb into bed with Noah, and run my hands slowly up and down his body, coming to rest on the firm bulge of his crotch. The lad emits a slight moan when I touch him, and shifts in his sleep, perhaps dreaming of female hands pleasuring him, caressing his full balls.

Reuben passes me some rope, and we gently move Noah's limbs into a spread-eagle position before swiftly binding his wrists and ankles to the bed. Reuben flicks the light on, and Noah wakes up, dazed and disorientated as he realises there are two strange men in his bed... and he can't move his limbs.

The panicked lad calls for help, shouts for his girlfriend, but she's helpless too. As Reuben marches over to her, the frightened girl begs for mercy, probably thinking we must be here to abuse her. But instead of groping her, Reuben slaps duct tape over her protesting mouth and growls, "It's not you we want, it's your pretty fucking boyfriend."

Noah thrashes around, angry and terrified, as we run our lecherous hands over every inch of his body, before pulling out scissors and slashing off his tshirt and underpants. I handgag the wriggling chap, muffling his furious protests as Reuben and I enjoy a vigorous mauling of his naked cock, taunting his distressed girlfriend as we do so.

Having explored Noah's beautiful blemishfree body, it's time to put the cunt in some serious pain. Time for some tit torment. We grab a nipple each and get to work twisting and yanking them, laughing at Noah's screams of agony as he desperately thrashes around.
Just when he think's we're done hurting him, I delve my fingers down into Noah's bum crack - he clenches furiously, but it's no use; we are the ones in control, and we want full access. We untie his feet, and wrench his legs back, spreading his arse wide, exposing his hairy hole.
Ignoring the terrified lad's yelling and begging, I shove my thick finger deep into his guts, revelling in his virginal tightness. As Noah wails with horror and pain, I replace it with two fingers, plunging them in and out as tears roll down the lad's cheeks.

Captive in his own home, his helpless girlfriend made to look on as two men fuck his spread arsehole, Noah probably thinks it can't get any worse. He's wrong.

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Porn under: Gay BDSM
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