Passions of War1

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Year: 2005
Country: USA / Hungary
Genre: fetish, muscles, uniform, military
Duration: 1 hour 49 min.
Directed by: Eugene (Csaba Borbely)
Studio: All Worlds Video
Starring: Starring Frederico Johnson, Rick Perry, Ted Colunga (aka Giovanni Floretti, Fred Fele, Mike Huston), Julio Carillo, Miguel Sabroso, Sean Ryback, Julien Salieri, Rick Gambon, Joshua Rodgers, Fredy Costa, Lucio Maverick and Kevin Cage .

Description: This is the saga of men at times of war. The bond they form among each other. They are trained to watch each other's back, and take care of each other's lust. It is a bond only a soldier understands.Well, wherever these guys are fighting, it ain't the Middle East. The gorgeous setting the men in "Passions of War: Chapter One: Honor" prep for battle in has blue bays and lush views, more closely resembling a vacation resort than any landscape ravaged by conflict. The place could be Greece, but even before the first piece of clothing flies off, it's a sure bet that the beautiful and muscular men lined up in the credits will be the only scenery worth noticing.

Rick Perry is the bad-ass commander barking out insults to the new recruits lined up beachside at the top of the film. You know the He's the one that all the underlings always fantasize about trapping in a corner and fucking the daylights out of. Punishment for stepping out of line is swift and severe. Julio Carillo can never polish all the equipment he's been commanded to get shiny. First it's his gun. Then he moves to Sean Ryback's boots and inevitably Ryback's extra-large prick. What a chore! They duck inside a half-shaded beachside hut to carry out punishment. Shafts of sunlight fall across Sean's masculine cock and heavy, swinging balls. This stud doesn't trim up his crotch, and the light catches every long scraggy hair poking out from his ballsac. Julio focuses on the task at hand, using his hand to jerk the meat he's not able to stuff inside his open maw. Sean gets down on the rocky surface outside the hut in full sunlight, Julio lying between Sean's stripped of only his pants, his browned ass getting even more tan while he polishes. Sean has removed his tight clingy camouflage muscle shirt (all the soldiers wear variations of these) affording full views of his firm, furry tummy and pecs. Still holding his rifle, Sean seesaws his cock in and out of Julio's ass. When the switch positions, we get to see more and more of Julio's incredibly smooth, muscular bod. The action concludes with Julio sucking between Sean's legs, every lick an attempt to get his buddy off. Sean takes matters into his own hands after a while, blowing seed while Julio dumps very creamy cum on Sean's freshly-polished black boots. Guess Julio will be shining them all over again.
As part of their surveillance training, the recruits rough up a defiant Joshua Rodgers. Blindfolded and cuffed, he's brought before Commander Ted Colunga for questioning. Assured that he's doing everything by the book, Ted's next line of questioning takes an erotic turn. I could pick Ted Colunga's beautiful cock out of a line-up. I've never seen another porn prick quite like it. Its extra-fat mushroom head that seems to merge directly into its extraordinarily thick shaft. Cap that beauty off with a chewy foreskin and it's a cock made for worshipping, which Joshua does with his hands held behind his back. Ted has a complete and perfect tan, making his cock look even more delicious - if that's possible. Josh's cock is much thinner by contrast, but it's still nothing to sneeze at. Ted spends a few moments sucking his young minion, but he makes much better top material. This stud knows his cock is a prize and Josh is lucky to have it in his mouth. Perched precariously on a high metal stepladder, Ted holds open the cheeks of his muscular ass for Josh. Josh strokes his dick furiously as if rimming were going out of style. The camera zooms in for some nasty close-ups of Ted's very hairy, very wet, very slick pucker. When it comes to fucking, turns out Ted prefers the bottom role. Josh steps up and plunges inside. If Ted's cock looked stiff as steel before, it's even stiffer with Josh dicking his ass with his quick, furious strokes. Josh stands high on the stepladder, aiming his spurts towards Ted, seated below. When Ted blows, he makes a big show of squeezing the white goo between the layers of his dark foreskin.
Some horny recruits can't resist stroking off whenever they find a free moment. Fredy Costa seems to have that problem. Rolling his tight shirt over his head, he basks in direct sunlight. He's obviously neglecting his lookout duties, but once his prick gets stiff (it's a beauty) his focus is getting it off. Across the hills, another sentry is also beating his meat. He's much paler than his buddy, but more muscular. Their jerk-offs go on simultaneously, the camera switching back and forth until both soldiers cum. It's a shame these two didn't get together.
Whacking off reaches epidemic proportions around the military camp with two more solos. Frederico Johnson and Julien Salieri have gotten the urge, only this time, they're watching each other through huge holes in the structure they're patrolling. Frederico is the real beauty of the two, stunning face, strong jawline and bulbous pecs. What makes his solo session most erotic are the facial contortions he succumbs to the moment he blows.
When military leadership becomes too much, Commander Rick Perry holds his entire unit at bay with his rifle. Turns out he's less of a bad-ass than we first suspected. And rather than simply calm the man with a Valium, Miguel Sabroso attempts to cure Rick's mental illness with man-sex. He's quickly cured. Wrapped around the metal staircase rails inside an abandoned airplane hanger, Miguel's lean and ripped body is indeed good medicine. Both men strip down to nothing but dog-tags and boots, thoroughly engaging in nasty cocksucking. Later, Rick sits his bare ass on a cold metal step and feasts on butthole. Miguel has rolled himself up onto his shoulder blades, his legs thrown behind his head so that Rick can get a healthy dose of ass. One minute Rick's eating hole and the next, he's sliding his fat dong into Miguel, who still is perched on the cold floor in that unfortunate position. The fuck improves when Miguel sits down on Rick, facing outward. Miguel's eyes stay closed and his prick stays hard-as-rock while he crouches over Rick for deep-dicking. Miguel's whopper pecs pick up the vibration of the cornholing. The muscle jiggles hotly with every one of Rick's thrusts. This fuck is the best in the film and ends with spectacular cum-shots.
After some especially rigorous training, Rick Gambon is ready to go AWOL Kevin Cage is more than happy to help his buddy escape, but freedom comes with a hefty price tag. Rick is a big guy, muscular with a pug-nose and growling voice, and he looks dopey and sexy poised between Kevin's equally muscular legs, sucking cock. The two make quite a bit of eye contact during the oral sex, each seemingly urging the other on. The scene once again takes place out in the bright sunshine and the models' skin glows with sweat while they get it on. Rick gets on his side while Kevin holds one of his hairy calves, the fuck from this angle. Rick's balls are goose eggs made shiny by the sun, deliberately keeping his hands off his own stiffie, concentrating on getting fucked. Kevin unloads delicious-looking goo right on top of those goose eggs, getting off just in time to receive a distress call on his walkie-talkie.
Lucio Maverick, who has been watching the pair the entire time, quickly steps in to finish off a still-horny Rick Gambon. Lucio has strong European pretty-guy looks, complete with long black locks and aquiline facial features. He's probably the youngest-looking of all the models and wastes no time diving between Rick's legs to prove his sexual prowess. When Lucio lets Rick slide his sloppy butthole down onto his cock, we get some spectacular shots of Lucio's stunning face as he luxuriates in the tight ring around his prick. He's model-beautiful and you begin to wonder why Rick decides to dick himself facing away from such beauty. They try out a few different positions before Rick seats himself directly between Lucio's bronze thighs, determined to get this guy-stud off with his mouth. Rick's eyes become glued to Lucio's prick as Lucio gets his nut all over Rick's right shoulder. Turned on by rivers of milky cum dripping over his chest, Rick pounds out his own load on the ground.
"Passions of War: Chapter 1: Honor" concludes with several soldiers bolting away in a speedboat, some military crisis mere miles away. An ominous "to be continued" message appears before the credits roll. The European models in this first installment are unflawed. At times, it's difficult to tell them apart, but that may have to do with the familiar military garb, notably their hats, they all have to wear. I expect that the team that produced this film will find even more uncut, muscular and tan soldier-types for whatever follows. No doubt the first in this series cums off quite well.

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Porn under: Gay Full-length films
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